My Breast Expansion Adventure!
Did You Know...
Lingerie goes back as far as the second millennium B.C. when the women of Crete wore a simple corset that supported their breasts at the base and thrust them upwards and outwards, boldly naked.
Keisha Evanís BIO/FAQ

Height: 5í8" (about 173cm)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Bright Blue
B-day: May 14
Current Location: KC, Missouri USA

Q: What Is Your Bra Size?

A: That is actually a very good question. Bra sizing is a peculiar art that I have never figured out. It will also be changing soon. :D I have taken it upon good advice that I am REALLY hard to classify. To clarify a bit, my rib cage measures 26 inches around (66cm) while my actual breast meat measures 56.5 inches around (143.5cm). This leaves a 30.5 inch difference (77.5cm). You then have to add the obligatory 4 to 6 inches to get your band size. Then for each inch difference between the band size and your breast size you use one letter of the alphabet. However since there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, I have no idea. It doesn't make much sense, but that's how they figure it. If anyone has any other understanding of the mysterious science/art of bra cup sizing I would appreciate your input.

Q: What Size And Type Implants Do You Have?

A: 3000ccs smooth round shelled saline overfilled to 6000ccs. (And hoping to have more soon!)

Q: Why Did I Decide To Start A Big Tit Site?

A: I really love big breasts, on other girls as well as on myself. Maybe itís the uniqueness of breasts of this size that are such a draw for me. Iíve always had pretty large breasts. When I was in school they were DDs and I enjoyed all of the attention they merited me. Then, through a period of weight gain & subsequent loss, my breasts grew enormously (Iím just lucky enough to gain most of my weight in my chest) and when I lost the weight, they flattened and pancaked out and were uneven. I hated it! So after researching breast augmentation for a while, I found a wonderful doctor who said I had enough skin to fit in the 3000cc implants I wanted and here I am now! I was very lucky that with only one augmentation, I reached the size I had wanted at that time. The doctor couldn't recall ever fully inflating such large implants for a first augmentation before. Now I am very happy! I have huge, round soft breasts, which are even. They make wonderful pillows and playthings and I enjoy every minute of it. I love the feel and the look of huge breasts! I know you understand what I mean. :D

The VERY good news, for me (and I hope for all of you) is that having tits of this size has led me to want to go bigger and bigger. I want to be the biggest and that is what I plan on doing. I have started this site to share my breast wishes with you. In mid-July of 2003 I was able to get my current implants overfilled from 3000ccs each to 4000ccs each and then, in April of 2005, I further overfilled to 6000ccs each, thus my present size was triumphantly achieved. I'm still seeking out bigger implants and have found a doctor who says he can get them for me. All I am waiting on now, is the cash. Iím staying positive though, so keep on watching; the next augmentation is on its way!

Q: Any Piercings Or Tattoos?

A: I do have my ears pierced one time apiece, although I rarely wear earrings. On that special occasion, you might catch me sporting a pair. As for tattoos, I don't have any. I have nothing against them, I've just never gotten one.

Q: What Do You Do?

A: I donít spend all of my free time lying around. I have a job, to pay the rent and various other bills I've accumulated. I have a BA from a prestigious Midwestern college. I can speak Spanish and help translate from time to time. Iím in process of learning web design, the ins and outs of HTML and PHP and how to integrate Flash into my projects. I have a very good friend who is helping me out with this site and I owe him a debt of gratitude.

I canít imagine spending my life working at some boring job. I just want to do something I love and enjoy my life. Itís too short to be miserable.

Q: Do You Dance?

A: At the moment, I am not a dancer. I have actually never danced in any clubs or appeared in any magazines. Who knows what the future will hold?

Q: Do Your Breasts Get In The Way?

A: Only in the good sense of the word! There are a few "challenges" shall we say, but no hindrances. I do constantly "lose" things, only to discover they are still in my lap, where I couldnít see them past my chest. I still havenít mastered the art of making it though every doorway without catching a boob. That isnít too bad either, unless I scrape my nipples and then that HURTS! I have lost the soap when showering, only to find it underneath a tit. And I do knock the shampoo over once in while. Recently, I have been having a slight problem with my breasts pushing the keyboard on my computer in when I am trying to type. So if we happen to be chatting sometime, youíll understand the lag on my end. :D But are my breasts in the way? Not at all.

Q: How Do You Sleep?

A: Wherever I want since I have two soft pillows with me. I usually sleep on one side, but this does have hazards! I rolled over on top of the remote one night and woke up with an imprint on the side of my breast. Click Here for the Pic! Recently, however, I overslept because I somehow got my alarm clock under one breast and it completely muffled the sound. After my augmentation to 4000ccs (July of 2003), it got a bit more interesting, since my breasts bulged out at the sides...well, just about everywhere. Now at 6000ccs (April of 2005) things are a little more complicated but still a lot of fun. Lol I splurged for a Pillow Topper for my bed and it just cradles my tits like a warm pair of hands! I love it!

Q: Do You Ever Have Problems in Public?

A: Not really. A lot of people stare, some whisper, but it doesnít bother me and itís not worth my time to worry about. Itís not everyday you see a chest this large, so you have to expect some reaction. Anything unusual will attract attention. When I inflated from 3000ccs to 4000ccs I noticed that I received a lot more attention in public, but now that I have ballooned up to 6000ccs I have become an even larger anomaly. People just don't seem to know how to react to a chest this large. The one thing I have noticed is that I seem to make everyone happy. Whatever their reasons for grinning or giggling, at least they are happy. Overall, though, I haven't experienced anything too bad.

Q: Will You or Have You Ever Considered A Reduction?

A: No way! Like I said, I want to go bigger and bigger. Itís not really easy to get implants of this size and even harder to find bigger ones. Not every doctor is willing or able to handle implants of this size. You canít just go out and buy these at the store. It took dedication to get to this size and will take even more determination to overcome the obstacle of going larger. Thereís no way Iíd put all of my heart into this and then reduce. I love how I look. I canít even describe how they make me feel! I love how my clothes fit (more like how they donít fit!). Having large breasts has enhanced my whole life, not just my body. I love everything about this! Wouldnít it be great if overfilled boobs became the norm?

Q: Is Your Photoclubs/Bosemquest Site Related To Your Personal One? How Does That Work?

A: Actually, my personal site is a completely different entity from Photoclubs and Bosomquest. The very sweet people at Photoclubs paid me a one time modeling fee for a few days of picture taking and video work. They own all the material on those sites and I don't make anything off of them other than the generous fee they paid me up front. However, if you join a Photoclubs site through my link, I will then get a percentage of their membership fee. It's a very neat revenue sharing program that they have set up for their models and other interested parties. My own site is what I personally focus on as I love to constantly change and improve and I have complete control over what direction I decide to take and the ability to alter and adapt it as the mood strikes me.

A Little More Personal Info About Me:

I have very eclectic tastes. I have a real penchant for change and will try anything and everything within my power at least one time, with an open mind. I consider myself very lucky to be able to enjoy life in such a fulfilling manner.

I love to cook, although I donĎt get a chance to do it very often. ItĎs mostly sandwiches and protein shakes these days. I still watch many food related programs, such as Iron Chef competitions, Good Eats, and Bizarre Foods.

I play video games, when I get the chance. Since I canít kick my guy friends butts in real life, I compensate by often beating the crap out of them in VR. Online games are fun too, if you have the time. I played EverQuest and World of Warcraft for a while, but then got too busy to keep that going. If you know of a good online game that doesnít take up a lot of time, I would love to hear about it! Until then, Iíll just play with myself. *wink*

I also enjoy reading when I find the time. I have a taste for many genres. On the one side, I have always loved the sequential art of comics, from the old Marvel & DC to the more obscure companies, like Jademan. I recently reread the entire Bone series and I still love it! I also enjoy reading the classics like Poe, Whitman, Dickens, Cummings, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, and the like. Although, I do have a special place in my heart for Agatha Christie and the little girl in me will always love Nancy Drew.

Music is another subject I adore! I grew up in a music-oriented family, so I was lucky enough to learn a few instruments growing up. I can play the piano and almost any percussion instrument you put in front of me. My upbringing has given me a real appreciation for all types of music. I donít have a lot of time for listening to the radio nowadays, but I love classical, alternative, country, pop, and classic rock. From Tchaikovsky to Avril-Lavigne, Clint Black, all depends on the mood Iím in or the mood I want to be in. Certain types of music tend to evoke strong emotional reactions for me, which, of course, can be a VERY good thing!

I have to mention movies! I love the SyFy channel, various history channels, and am always channel surfing to find something good. The Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon are some more favorites! (You might notice a few Spongebob shirts in my pics) And I canít forget the Stooges! I know a lot of people donít seem to understand their humor, but I just love it! Those were some very talented men for whom I have the utmost respect. I also adore British Comedies (From the old "Are You Being Served?" to "The IT Crowd" or "The Mighty Boosh") and Anime, old black & whites, and any movie where Jet Li kicks somebodyís ass! Action, adventure, Star Wars, Star Trek, the X-Files...I am a true fan. I donít really go for the overly romantic, typical "girlie" type movie or anything based on reality, just not my thing. But I have to admit that my absolutely favorite type of movie is a really cheesy B-rated film! I just canít get enough of them! I love spending a night curled up next to somebody on the couch watching the horrible acting, obvious plot holes, and the super cheesy action of a really bad B movie. They are SO awesome!

I am also a HUGE fan of MMA and watch it every chance I get. Chuck Liddel, Brock Lesnar, Georges St. PierreÖand the list goes on, lol. I canít get enough! So the next time you are sitting through a fight, remember, I am probably watching it too!

People have asked me what a few of my special likes are and I've decided to incorporate them here.

My favorite holiday is Christmas, since everybody seems to act a little bit nicer. I love the lights and decorations, trimming the tree, and picking out presents for all my friends and family. Halloween is my second favorite and always a lot of fun.

My favorite color varies a bit, but I tend to lean towards blue. A nice rich blue. Green comes in second and I think that has something to do with the symbolism it holds of life and liveliness. Thirdly, I love the striking contrast of black. Iím leaning more towards pink again these days though. Maybe itís the girly girl in me, lol.

My all time favorite animal is the elephant, although I love all critters big and small. I even spent a couple of summers working at a conservation center, dealing mostly with snakes and spiders.

My biggest "turn ons" are a cute smile, a great sense of humor, and a genuine sweet nature. "Turn offs" would be rudeness and bad manners.

Well, thatís it about me for now. If there is anything you would like to know, just ask!

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