My Breast Expansion Adventure!
Did You Know...
In 1977 thongs, which were originally called tangas, hit the beaches of Brazil, and still scandalize parts of the world today by exposing practically all of one's rear end.
All of the clothing you see here was worn during photo sets or videos, from back in the 3000cc days up to the current 6000ccs. If you had a set you really enjoyed and would like to own the top that I stretched over my titties, now is your chance! I list the set I wore each item in and show you a picture from it. I will personally sign each outfit, if requested and if possible. (It's hard to sign fishnet!)

There are only a limited number of tops and outfits, since they come from my picture and video sets, so those will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. After you look through my clothes, if you decide on a top or other accessory you would LOVE to have, simply click on the special email link attached to that picture/item and send me a note. From there, I will send you an email back telling you how to make my stuff your stuff.

Items will be marked as "FOR SALE" and "PENDING", depending on the status of the item. When we first talk about what item you would like and how you can get your hands on it, I will change the status of the item from "FOR SALE" to "PENDING". Once we've worked out all the details and my stuff is on the way to you, I will remove the listing. In the event that an item which was spoken for doesn't end up sold, it will go back up "FOR SALE".

No returns are accepted for any items purchased. All clothing is sold as is and will not be eligible for a refund.

Just make sure you use the special email link attached to the item you want to talk to me.
ITEM #016
Spiky Ball
ITEM #016 - Spiky Ball
Used In - Set 19
$30 + Shipping
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I will e-mail you back with further instructions on how it can be yours.
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